Honda Harvey

Young Aussie car buyers spend an average of 17.6 hours researching cars online, which can feel even longer with how dull, jargon-filled, and confusing the experience can be. For the launch of the Honda HR-V, we needed a way to bring excitement, joy and humanity to the online car buying experience.

Meet Harvey, the talking Honda HR-V. We created the first car website to use voice-activated AI technology to make the car buying experience simple, fun, and quick. Harvey invites people to interact and ask the burning questions that matter most to them. More of a conversation than a traditional car sales pitch.  

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Creative Direction
Conversation Design
UX Design
UI Design

Harvey's development was a collaboration with leading chatbot and AI providers, Resemble AI and BotsCrew, taking approximately 6 months to complete. Using Natural Language Processing, we created a one-platform/central 'brain' that powered the chatbot (voice and text) across different touch-points, including the Honda website, interactive displays, Meta Messenger App, and a Google Home audio app, making it accessible from anywhere on any device.

To bring Harvey to life, we used 3D WebGL technology to animate its movements and reactions to questions. We also used AI voice cloning to clone the voice of a local comedian to add some personality and humanity to our talking car. With complete creative control over Harvey’s AI voice and 3D visuals, we can adapt and create new content in real-time.

With over 20,000 conversations in just under 2 months, the Hybrid model sold out right away. Analytics show that site visitors spent an average of 60 seconds interacting with and asked it an average of 7 questions about the HR-V. We captured all the conversations people were having with Harvey, which helped to shape an optimisation plan to improve the experience and increase engagement/time spent with.


AFR Most innovative company  — #5
Webby Awards— Nominee
Award awards — 3 Shortlists