Suncorp Resilience Hub

Australia is no stranger to extreme weather. Every year we see homes destroyed and billions spent on rebuilding while our communities carry the emotional toll of destruction, displacement and rebuilding.

Since 2019, I've been looking after the Suncorp Resilience content hub with the support of a small team of experience designers. The content hub plays a support role to ongoing Suncorp Resilience campaigns as well providing Queenslanders help and ideas to make their homes more resilience to fire, flood, storm and cyclone

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I also worked on the 'One House to Save Many' campaign which launched in 2020. To help create more resilient communities, we partnered with industry leading experts from James Cook University, CSIRO and Room 11 architects to design, build and test a home that can withstand fire, flood, storm and cyclone.

My role was building the campaign design identity as well as the site experience. Queenslanders were able to explore One House in 3D and seeing its innovations via hotspots.